Vaccine policy and mask guidance

At the board meeting on June 21 the Board repealed the Covid vaccination policy and the masking guidelines.  Any member can request any other member, visitor or staff to wear a mask if they need to enter a member’s unit. Masking is optional and to the discretion of an individual in all other instances.

Water level in Lake Ontario

A link was added to Member Resources > Neighbourhood in the menu to information about the water level of Lake Ontario

Green committee initiatives for May and June

The Green Committee is sponsoring a toxic waste drop off in the Windward Lobby on Wednesday May 10th from 7p.m to 8p.m & also on Saturday May 13th from 12 to 2p.m. Items can be placed in the appropriate container in the recycling room like batteries cords & small items. SWAP DAY is on June […]

Household Hazardous Waste

See how to deal with Household Hazardous Waste at Windward.

Electronic Waste

See how to deal with Electronic Waste at Windward.

Ontario Place

See what is happening at Ontario Place. Ontario Place planning

Garbage shute

Please consider what you throw down the garbage shute. Do not dispose of items that can get stuck or damage the compactor. Items stuck in shute

BQNA zoom meeting

The next BQNA meeting is on March 8 at 7 pm. Bryan Byron ( City Planner for our area)  is joining the meeting. Please follow the Link to Zoom meeting The link page is password protected. Please submit a form if you do not know the password to the protected pages on our website.  Webmaster Request […]

Diversity Scholarship Deadline 2023

The Diversity Scholarship Deadline is April 30, 2023.

Bomb scare meeting notes of Oct 22

Here are the meeting notes from the community meeting about the airport bomb scare in October.