GMM 2023 voting results

All the resolutions passed at the meeting except for ballot item #5. You can view the GMM 2023 vote results at

Windward Wizards meeting

There will be a meeting for the Windward Wizards (previously know as the Green Committee) in the Windward room on October 25, 2023 at 7 PM.

New Windward Times

The Windward Times is available again. You can view it under Member resources > What is Happening> Windward News.    

Celebration at Windward – May 16, 2023

Don’t forget that Windward is having an anneversiry party on Saturday, May 16 between 11 am and 3 pm. See you all in the Waterview Room.

Seniors events

There is a program for seniors events at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre.

Post your memories at Windward

Windward is celebrating more than 35 years. Please use the link to share your messages, reflections, tributes, photos and vids on the LiveShare site.  The site will remain active even after the celebration has ended.

Work at Billy Bishop Airport after hours

This notice is about after hours work a Billy Bishop Airport. Follow the link for more information.  

Vaccine policy and mask guidance

At the board meeting on June 21 the Board repealed the Covid vaccination policy and the masking guidelines.  Any member can request any other member, visitor or staff to wear a mask if they need to enter a member’s unit. Masking is optional and to the discretion of an individual in all other instances.

Water level in Lake Ontario

A link was added to Member Resources > Neighbourhood in the menu to information about the water level of Lake Ontario

Green committee initiatives for May and June

The Green Committee is sponsoring a toxic waste drop off in the Windward Lobby on Wednesday May 10th from 7p.m to 8p.m & also on Saturday May 13th from 12 to 2p.m. Items can be placed in the appropriate container in the recycling room like batteries cords & small items. SWAP DAY is on June […]