New Toronto Waste App

Toronto has launched a new waste app for both Apple and Android smartphones. There is no excuse now to say ‘I do not know if I can recycle an item’. One useful feature is a map of locations where you can donate or buy used items.

Password protected pages

Two new pages for “Minutes” and “Bylaws and Policies” have been added under Member Resources. The pages are password protected. The password will be sent to members in the near future. The content on both pages is limited, but the intention is to add to both pages as it becomes available.

New Forms

Two new forms are available under Member Resources. One is to start the long term guest application process and the other is for requests or suggestions that can be submitted to the website committee.

Our Garden

Our garden is lovingly maintained and nurtured by the landscape committee for the enjoyment of everyone here at Windward. See the beautiful photos of it here.