Our vision of who we are is also shaped by our commitment to give service of the best possible quality at a fair price. We define our commitment to serve through the aims that Canadian housing co-operatives hold in common. Our shared aims include:

Meeting our members’ need for

  • good housing people can afford through wise decisions at the time of development, an active membership, not-for-profit operation and assistance for low-income households
  • security of tenure based on respect for members’ rights as joint resident-owners, fair application of by-laws, effective management, striking a balance between group and individual needs, and protection from the sale of the property
  • safe and secure communities in physical design and in attention to domestic violence and other crime in our co-operatives and neighbourhoods
  • control over our housing environment through educated decisions on budgets and governance, and resistance to undue intervention by government in co-op affairs
  • community by means of co-op traditions that celebrate tolerance, mutual support and social, cultural, ethnic and economic diversity among members as a source of strength
  • opportunities for personal growth through co-op education and our expectation that all members will contribute what they can to the co-op.

Meeting our responsibility to the larger community through

  • involvement in our immediate neighbourhoods
  • fair employment practices within co-operatives
  • choices that respect the environment and demonstrate the principles of sustainable human settlements
  • support for co-operative development in Canada.

Meeting our responsibility to future generations by

  • practising stewardship, including responsible care of co-op lands and buildings, economical management, not-for-profit operation and the creation of land trusts
  • lobbying governments for fair housing policies that work for all of us
  • developing new housing co-operatives at home. www.coophousing.com