Covid testing in Toronto

Information about testing

Information about Covid-19

City of Toronto information on Covid-19

Ontario information on Covid-19

Government of Canada information on Covid-19

Face Masks and Covid-19

Should people wear face masks?

It is now mandatory in Toronto and neighbouring areas to wear a face covering in public indoor places as from July 7, 2020

The City of toronto has specific information at and printable info posters

How to wear a face mask or here on the Canadian Government page for advice about face masks

Considerations in the use of homemade masks

Updates from elected officials

Adam Vaughan updates (Member of Parliament for Spadina – Fort York)

Chris Glover latest news (Member of Provincial Parliament for Spadina – Fort York)

Joe Cressy updates (Councillor Toronto, Spadina-Fort York )

Income Support

The CRA provides a page on specific measures of income support in response to Covid-19. There is also an online tool that guides what specific Covid-19 financial support might be available to you.

Canada Revenue Agency support for Individuals

A quick guide to income support programs across Canada and Ontario

Canada income support information

Debt and Covid-19

In a recent webinar Adam Vaughan spoke about individuals that may have difficulty meeting their obligations to financial institutions due to Covid-19. He suggested that individuals should be pro-active in calling and re-negotiating their debt with financial institutions.

Mental Health

Toronto Mental Health Resources

CAMH mental health and Covid 19