Covid testing in Toronto

Information about testing

Information about Covid-19

City of Toronto information on Covid-19

Ontario information on Covid-19

Government of Canada information on Covid-19

Recent updates about Covid-19

Should people wear face masks?

Canada’s advice about preventing Covid-19 see the section about “wearing masks” about halfway down

Considerations in the use of homemade masks

A news report on April 6 2020, what Dr. Teresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, say about wearing masks

Updates from elected officials

Adam Vaughan updates (Member of Parliament for Spadina – Fort York)

Chris Glover latest news (Member of Provincial Parliament for Spadina – Fort York)

Joe Cressy updates (Councillor Toronto, Spadina-Fort York )

Income Support

The CRA provides a page on specific measures of income support in response to Covid-19. There is also an online tool that guides what specific Covid-19 financial support might be available to you.

Canada Revenue Agency support for Individuals

A quick guide to income support programs across Canada and Ontario

Canada income support information

Debt and Covid-19

In a recent webinar Adam Vaughan spoke about individuals that may have difficulty meeting their obligations to financial institutions due to Covid-19. He suggested that individuals should be pro-active in calling and re-negotiating their debt with financial institutions.

Mental Health

Toronto Mental Health Resources

CAMH mental health and Covid 19