Parking at Windward Coop

Overnight parking is available in the basement or in front of the shed on Little Norway Cres. There is limited availability for daily parking, on Public holidays and some weekend days. Availability is provided on a first come basis at a cost of $5 per day/night. A parking permission will be issued by the office. Do not park in these spots without permission as it may lead to ticketing and or towing.

Little Norway Crescent

As of September 8, 2020 the street has been designated for permit parking  from 7pm to 7 am for 7 days a week. During other times it is free for the first 3 hours, anywhere signage allows. After 3 hours the city can ticket a vehicle.

Stadium Road and Bishop Tutu Blvd

It is free for the first 3 hours where signage allows. After 3 hours the city can ticket a vehicle.

33 Stadium Road

Drive down the ramp to the parking at our building in Stadium Road. At the bottom of the ramp turn left to the Public Parking area. Pay-and-display.

The rate is:

$6 per 1 Hour

$12 for 12 Hours

$18 for 18 Hours

$24 for 24 Hours

9 Stadium Road

The rate is:

$4 per 20 min

$17 per 12 hours

$27 per day

545 Lakeshore Blvd West

This is a Municipal Parking lot. Pay-and-display or use the GreenP app

Entrance to this parking lot is either from Lakeshore Blvd or Bathurst Street.

The parking rate:

$2 per 30 mins

$20 per 24 hour period

Canada Malting Site

Entrance to this parking lot is south on Eirann Quay just south of Queens Quay. Turn left before just before the taxi stand at Billy Bishop Airport. Look for the large sign that indicates the $5 per 20 min rate with an arrow pointing to the left on the median on the right side of the road.

$5 per 20 mins

$35 per 24 hours

Island On-site Parking

Driving south on Eirann Quay just past Queens Quay keep to the right and line up with other vehicles to board the ferry to the parking on the Island.

Parking rate:

$14 per return ferry crossing plus

$5 per 20 mins

$35 max per 24 hours

$175 weekly (5-7 days)