Upcoming GMM August 2021

General Member Meeting

When: Aug 18 at 7:00pm

Where: Zoom meeting for our GMM.

  1. To approve the Rental Assistance By-Law No.11 (revised subsidy by-law)
  2. To approve the revised Occupancy By-Law No.10
  3. To approve the Federal Community Housing Inititative Phase 2 (FCHI-2) Agreement

You are encouraged to submit your questions about any item on the GMM agenda before August 9. Email it to manager@windwardcoop.ca or submit your questions in writing to the office. The questions will be answered at the GMM.

There are member forums on Jul 29 and Aug 10 at 7pm to discuss questions related to the two by-laws.

Information how to attend the meeting is available at: GMM or at Upcoming Meetings