Installing Zoom

Here is a list of useful links to assist with Zoom and help with the installation process.

It can be installed on either an iPhone, Android phone, a Tablet or a Computer.

Best to install it as an app on your Apple or Windows computer. Zoom can run directly from Chrome or Firefox browser but with less functionality than what is available in the app.

If you have earphones to plug into your computer, phone or tablet, use them. It will improve your interactive experience.

Zoom has an excellent support page that should answer all of your questions.

Alternatively look at the trouble shooting section.

Installing on your Computer

To download Zoom for your computer:

Installing on your Smart Device

To download Zoom for smart devices like phone or table go the your app store:
Look for the app called “Zoom cloud meeting”. It is a free app.
This is the zoom logo to look for in the app store:

Zoom in Chrome or Firefox Browser

First make sure you have the the Chrome or Firefox browser installed on your computer.
It will work, but with less functionality than what is available in the app.

How to join a meeting

… Crome or Firefox Browser

Just click on the link provided OR
Copying and paste the meeting participation link directly into the Chrome browser if it is not your default browser.
When the window below appears or prompting you to download the app, click cancel and then click “start from your browser”
A screen will appear that asks you for your name, complete it and the security field (Captcha) below.
Hit the JOIN button.

… if you have a Computer or Smart Device

Tap on the meeting participation link provided to join via the Zoom app on your device.

… if you only have a phone

If you only have a phone. This could be a cell phone or landline. Only audio will be available in the meeting.
        647 374 4685 or
        647 558 0588
enter the following when prompted:
Meeting ID: Enter the meeting ID. It is usually a 9 to 11 digit number
Password: Enter the password

… alternative Option

You have a computer but don’t have a microphone and/or speakers.

to join video: Tap the meeting link provided, follow the prompt to see the video

to join audio:  Click on the up arrow next to your microphone icon at the bottom left of your screen.

Select “Switch to phone audio…” from the menu to get detail for phone number, meeting number, participant id and password.
Call 647 374 4685 or 647 558 0588 and follow the prompts
Once you connected via phone, you can click on  “Leave Computer Audio” which is the second last option.

Testing you meeting setup

The link below will allow you to test your meeting setup to see if your video and microphone is working correctly.

Zoom Support

Focus on the section for either Desktop/Laptop or Mobile depending on where you choose to install it.


For videos on how the get started:
The useful ones are:
– join a meeting < 1 min
– meeting controls 1 min
– sharing you screen 36 seconds

Trouble Shooting

If something is not working as intended try the Trouble shooting section at Zoom support to see if you can resolve it.

Your security and Zoom

There have been articles in the press about Zoom meetings that have been invaded by unwelcome guests. They are usually disrupted with foul and threatening language and posting of unwelcome content.

You may wonder if you join a Zoom meeting if you are likely to encounter the above. Maybe you worry about the general security around Zoom.

If the Zoom host follow easy guidelines it is unlikely that such an incident will incur in the meeting. They are:

  • Do not publish the link, the meeting ID and the password to the meeting in a public forum like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Create a waiting room for each meeting. That means nobody can join the meeting until the host verifies who it is that wants to join the meeting. In the unlikely event an unwanted guest slips in, they can be removed from the meeting to the waiting room and cannot disrupt a meeting further.
  • Do not allow members to share information with others in the meeting until the host has verified that all members in a meeting are legitimate. In addition the host can specify what types of files can be shared.
  • The host can limit the chat function to not allow messages to all users.

For all the Windward zoom meetings we follow these basic guidelines to limit the likelihood of unwelcome guests.

Is your personal information safe? When you signup for a Zoom account you need to secure it with a username and password. As long as you keep that information safe and practice good internet safety your information should be secure.

Guideline for internet safety

How to host a Zoom meeting

Here are the steps to host your first Zoom meeting.

Setup a new account with zoom

If you do not have an account with zoom yet you can set one up at

Getting started

Zoom has a very good support page to assist everyone to start using Zoom. The link below provides a good overview of the navigation in your app from the perspective of the host.
Getting started on Windows and Mac

Schedule a meeting

It is possible to schedule a meeting at

Once you logged into your account you can schedule a meeting from the meetings selection on the left side of the screen.

Invite to meeting

Once the meeting is scheduled you can invite others to join your meeting.

Starting a scheduled meeting

How to start a scheduled meeting

In meeting controls for hosts

Specific meeting control for hosts